Twitter actually helps sometimes

This is not my story. It’s not even my twitter thread, which can be found here. But I thought it was super helpful so I wanted to share it.

  1. Your parents opinion of you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves: not the truth of who you are.
  2. You are not responsible for the emotions of other adults.
  3. Healthy people won’t deny your reality: when you’re used to being invalidated, shamed, or abandoned for how you feel you begin to believe this is “normal.” It’s not.
  4. Boundaries are you path to safety in your body: learn to set boundaries, and to honor them even when uncomfortable.
  5. Emotionally unavailable people tend to be attractive to you: remind yourself that healthy people can talk about their emotions, listen to the emotions of others, and are able to acknowledge different perspectives
  6. Forgive yourself for what you did in survival mode: We repeat the cycles we lived within. Learn to love that inner child that’s experienced deep pain and forgive yourself for the past.
  7. You can heal: at any time, at any period in life. Your healing heals every generation that comes after you.
  8. You likely have a tendency to either: overshare or shut down when meeting people. This is because you’ve never witnessed healthy emotional sharing, not because something is “wrong” with you.
  9. It’s ok to disappoint people: adults from dysfunctional homes tend to be chronic people pleasers, often neglecting themselves to get approval from others. Adults are capable of being disappointed. Your role isn’t to never upset anyone around you.
  10. You have gifts and talents waiting to be revealed: adults from dysfunctional homes aren’t seen for who they truly are, they’re seen for the role they play.

Spend time learning who you are, following your curiosity, and creating. It heals.

Again, this is not my stuff. But I thought it important to share.

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